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Discerning your vocation can be an intimidating task, but it should not be a frightening one – it should really be exciting, because to discern your vocation is the first small step in the great journey of uncovering the mystery of God’s will in your life. And it is a journey well worth the effort! As St. Augustine said, “to fall in love with God is the greatest romance; to seek him the greatest adventure; to find him, the greatest human achievement.” The journey of discovering your call is not always easy, but it is always joyful, because to find and follow God’s call is nothing other than to learn the way God wants to love you. It is God’s desire to romance every human heart, and discerning your vocation is a matter of sifting out how He is asking you to let Him love you.

The Sisters invite you to join them for Holy Mass, Divine Office, Rosary and the opportunity to enjoy time with the Sisters.

A young woman interested in becoming an Oblate Sister of the Most Holy Eucharist, is not presumed to have arrived at our doorstep already a Saint – or even an outstanding character on the natural plane. What is anticipated is that she has the necessary dispositions to persevere in the path of growth in virtue. 

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